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International SME Business Banking Conference 2019

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SME Business Banking is emerging as the most exciting area of retail banking. It's not a surprise, as the gap between banks and SMEs is enormous: the potential is also enormous, because banks have rarely provided good services to SMEs. The feeling is mutual. Incredibly, research suggests that an SME that is turned down by a bank will never approach that bank again. Moneylenders, friends and family often must fill the gap that banks cannot cover.

Here are more amazing figures:

  • More than 90 percent of the world's businesses are SMEs.
  • In Europe, 90 percent of businesses have one to 10 employees.
  • In the US, 50 percent of businesses have one to 10 employees.

Most businesses are started by one person, who builds a small team to run a hairdresser, a shop, a graphic design agency, or maybe a fintech!

Despite the fact that 400 million small and medium businesses are in operation and are the largest employers around the world, SMEs are the equivalent of the unbanked masses in the world of consumer banking. They are often seen as low-margin and difficult clients.

How can we address this problem? Join us in London for the 2019 International SME Business Banking Conference, as we work to build a better ecosystem for banking and businesses. These are the main themes of the event:

  • It's all about the scorecard: Alternative date & inclusive finance for small businesses
  • Fintech solutions: The rise of P2P lending for SMEs
  • Banking for Entrepreneurs
  • New business models for SME Banking
  • Relationship-driven or Automated? The future in the balance
  • Open Banking & SMEs: how the rest of the world is adapting
  • From cash to digital: a shift in perspectives from five continents
  • Lessons learned: How to improve relationships between banks, FIs and SMEs
  • KYC and the digital knowledge gap

    At last year's International Retail Banking-Fintech Forum in London, we introduced several new banking businesses that have started to serve or are aiming to serve SMEs, many of which have raised major investment in recent months, including N26, Tide and OakNorth. Don't be left behind! Register now for your ticket.

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