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Steve Round

Steve Round

Steve has been involved in disruptive financial services both in the UK and Internationally for over 25 years.

Steve is Founder at Saescada, a cloud based banking platform that is being used internationally and in the UK to deliver financial inclusivity. This inclusivity embraces not only traditional financial services but also blockchain and Crypto currency enabling all members of society to access the financial services that they need.

Steve is Chair at Ecology Building Society one of the most innovative and the youngest Society in the UK which is mission driven to build a greener society through its own lending. It also works with partners to deliver environmental change where it cannot do it through its own balance sheet Steve is a Non Executive Director at FinComEco, a fully integrated Financial & Commodities ecosystem. This ecosystem drives improvements in food security, economic diversity and financial inclusion through a socially responsible commercial delivery partnership across Africa

Previously Steve has worked Internationally with organisations such as the ANC in South Africa where he developed Community Banking in Townships following the release of Nelson Mandela Steve has also worked in the Gulf and Russia where he has worked with and for organisations such as GE, MasterCard, SG Hambros delivering a range of products and services On his return from the Gulf in 2012 he decided to launch a current account that was inclusive for individuals who struggled to get a bank account — by offering a "first class " product and launched The Change Account in 2015 with now many Credit Unions and Advice agencies promoting it to their members Steve was Chair of The Big Issue Foundation for 10 years supporting the needs of the Big Issue Vendors and highlighting some of the issues that create homelessness such as mental illness Steve was also Marketing Director at Unity Trust Bank and was Chair at London Rebuilding Society.


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